André Segato

Unity3D C# Game Programmer

Hello. I'm André! I'm a graduate Game Designer and Unity-certified C# game developer living in São Paulo, Brazil. 

I'm more than 10 years into the game development business, which gave me all sorts of experience with game programming, including mobile deployment, backend integrations, social sharing, augmented and virtual reality, database models, and more.

Links for my LinkedIn page with work experience, GitLab profile with code samples and resume PDF download are to the left.

Enjoy the visit!

Past Clients

Published Works

Rainbow Rumble

A Fall Guys-style multiplayer blockchain game integrated with unicorn NFTs from Crypto Unicorns.

Users can partake in high-risk, high-reward races and earn medals that can be converted into RBW crypto tokens directly to their wallets.

This marvel of modern game engineering mixes blockchain, third-party Web3 APIs, Playfab, Azure CloudFunctions, MetaMask API and Photon multiplayer plugin to deliver a professional and seamless realtime multiplayer experience via WebGL.

Up Toy

A Monica's Gang-themed mobile game made on demand for Mauricio de Sousa Productions.

In the game, players must reach the highest they can while avoiding falling obstacles and grabbing coins for speed boosts.

User interaction is enhanced through social media integration via Facebook and Google Play Games in order to show your friend's best records in real time and see their faces fly by as you soar past their scores!

Pet Leco Club

A family friendly and children-oriented massive multiplayer online game.

It follows similar veins of Disney's Club Penguin, in which kids can make their own pet avatar, purchase clothes, earn in-game badges and learn real-world skills while having fun.

I had the chance to learn more about backend engines and database systems while working on this massive project as the team needed extra scripts running server-side to classify and organize player and game data.

Crystal League

A Kart-battle game featuring tons of characters, itens, stages and game modes to choose from and join the fray with up to 4 friends.

This was my first experience as a Game Design and Level Design consultant. I had the opportunity to help develop all of the game's current arenas, itens and game modes, as well as balancing and making iterations over them in order to appeal for both competitive players as well as a more casual audience.

Game Jams

Not Today, Satan

My first completed Game Jam for Ludum Dare 44: Sacrifices must be made, acting as a game, particle and level designer together with fellow friends and folks at Sawce Games.

Spitting hellish blood fireballs drains your blood meter, but eating corpses restores some of it. Aim your projectiles carefully and make sure your the meals are worth your effort.

Play it now on GameJolt.

Hat Trick

My submission for GMTK Game Jam 2020: Out of Control, where I did everything but music and sound effects from scratch in this challenging 72-hours event. Albeit the game is left unfinished and quite unpolished, it was still a cool experience for a first-time solo jam.

Medusa has turned witch apprentice Jenny into a stone statue... But her magic still lives on inside her trusty hat! Cast magic by drawing spells with the cursor, guide the hat through obstacles and reach Jenny to undo the stone curse.

Available for download on

Personal Projects


My current hobbyist pet project, Astrons is heavily based on 2005's Meteos for the Nintendo DS. More than 15 years later, though, I'm taking advantage of the smartphone's high-resolution screen, tall aspect ratio, convenient gyroscope and sensors and internet capabilities to create an even more impressive experience that, somehow, still hasn't been seen on the mobile market... yet.

Keep tuned for more to come!

Pants Off!

My Game Design course undergraduate thesis which strives to solve the modern dillema about the seemingly necessary use of violence in stealth games. 

By shifting the game's focus of conflict from physical to emotional, our team Incubo came up with a completely fresh and new approach to the avatar's fear of harm in the typical stealth setting: one that requires you to hide to avoid vexation and preserve your privacy.


A very emotional, storytelling-focused game prototype based on the 2004 movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, made during one of my years of Game Design degree.

One of the game's pivotal design decision was to give it a more feminine feel, empowering woman with a strong underlying message of hope.

The game also applies a diegetic tutorial system, which means players learn how to play the game using the game's own world instead of relying on pop-ups and heads-up displays.


Monstrelos (something like "Monsterlings" in English) is a small game prototype made during one of my years of Game Design degree designed specifically for disabled children to help them redevelop hand and arm motion.

The game contains 3 types of minigames that exemplifies how the Arduino sensors inside and around a real-world plush toy sends motion data into the virtual version of that toy, mimicking its movements and actions into the game.